Mayor Fitzgerald Alive to Fire Danger

Issue 5 and Volume 54.

Mayor Fitzgerald Alive to Fire Danger That Mayor Fitzgerald is appreciative of Boston’s abnormal fire waste is indicated by the following article published in a recent issue of a local daily: “The fire and building commissioners have been ordered by Mayor Fitzgerald to prepare a list of the dangerous districts in the city outside the fire limits, so as to give the city council an opportunity to extend the buildirg limits to those districts. The mayor’s order to Commissioners Cole and Everett is for the purpose of preventing the erection of additional wooden buildings in the sections in which his honor wants action by the council. For three years, he declares, the city council has evaded the adoption of ordinances extending the building limits through the city to minimize fire hazards. Eventually, the mayor hopes to have the whole city included in the building limits, but in the meantime he…

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