Fires in Bombay, India

Issue 5 and Volume 54.

Fires in Bombay, India Statistics as to fires in Bombay, India, for the last six years have just been received. The value of property damaged by fire in 1912-1913 was 15,20,093 rupees (rupee, 40c. in American money), and in the five years, respectively preceding, were as follows: 1911-1912, Rs.23,04,703; 1910-1911, Rs.5,76,742; 1909-1910, Rs.15,05,557; 1908-1909, Rs.23,94,164; 1907-1908, Rs.33,36,274. The percentages of damaged property insured in the past six years were as follows: 1912-1913, 95.50; 19111912, 97.88; 1910-1911, 74.93: 1909-1910 95.70; 1908-1909, 87.16, and 1907-1908, 89.38. The value of property estimated as being in imminent danger, hut saved, was as follows: 1912-1913, Rs.2,38,25,203; 1911-1912, Rs.l, 19,47,585; 1910-1911, Rs.38,07,511; 1909-1910. Rs.40.53,588; 1908-1909, Rs.58,34,871 ; 1907-1908, Rs.43,15,807. The fire brigade in Bombay is maintained by a general tax of one-half per cent, upon the assessed property values. There has been some talk lately of imposing a fire department tax not exceeding two and one-half…

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