Issue 5 and Volume 54.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Chief Hafer, of the fire department at Little Rock, Ark., intends to rebuild his chief’s car into a scout car. The Frout Drive Motor Company is represented in Canada by the Waterous Engine Works, of Brandford, Canada. Springfield, has enacted an ordinance limiting the speed of fire apparatus through the city streets at 30 miles per hour. In announcing last week that Cohoes, Y., had bought a Christie tractor for its ladder, the price was given as $3,500. This was an error, as the figure was $3,950. The fire department of Wilmington, Del., is being motorized with the Jatest design of tire apparatus. The Liberty Fire Company has decided to buy an auto pumper. Chief Patrick Byron, of the fire department at Troy, N. Y., has received a new motor car for his own use. It is a 00-horsepower car. George R. Milliman will be the new…

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