Issue 5 and Volume 54.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Chief A. V. Bennett, of the Birmingham, Ala., fire department, has petitioned for 20 new fire hydrants. Winona, Minn., is making extensions of its water system, and 10-inch mains will be placed in a number of streets, while others will be supplied by 6-inch mains. Spur, Tex., is to have a system of water works and the commissioners have advertised for bids. It is expected that the system will be in operation within the next six months. Bay City, Texas, will increase the efficiency of its water plant by the addition of four miles of water mains. Forty new fire plugs will be added, doubling the number now available. Luling, Tex., has appointed a committee to confer with the owners of the water and light companies in that city, and if terms can be made the plants will be purchased by the town. Port Arthur, Tex.,…

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