Light Loss in Forest Blazes

Issue 5 and Volume 54.

Light Loss in Forest Blazes Fire loss on national forests to date during the year 1913 has been not only gratifyingly small but conditions everywhere, except in the southwest, according to officials of the forest service, are more than ordinarily favorable. It is pointed out. however, that the situation may change almost over night, and that a comparatively short period of general dry weather and high winds may bring disaster, and that appropriations are not yet large enough to insure immunity from heavy losses. In the past two weeks general rains in the far western States, with the exception of Arizona and New Mexico, have reduced the present fire danger to a minimum. In the latter two States the weather is reported exceptionally dry, with occasional electrical storms that may cause fires set by lightning. Four fires were reported as burning on the Coconino forest in Arizona, and week before…

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