New York Engineer Flees Death from Mexican Rifles

Issue 8 and Volume 54.

New York Engineer Flees Death from Mexican Rifles GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES W. B. Fuller, the New York civil engineer, twice held for ransom and many times threatened with death by the Mexicans, arrived in E1 Paso, Tex., exhausted, after riding for his life out of his company’s camp at La Bouquilla. A detachment of federal troops, marching with express orders to kill him, was only four miles distant when he received a cipher message from Mexico City warning him that Huerta had issued his death sentence. Saddling his best horse, the engineer made a dash for Ojinaga, where he obtained an automobile and crossed the border into Marfa, Tex., at midnight. Mr. Fuller, who has stuck to his post for months in constant peril of his life, refusing to abandon the $10,000,OOP project of his employers— the Mexican .Northern Power Company, which is harnessing the Conchos river—is alarmed less the…

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