Issue 8 and Volume 54.

CHICAGO AND ITS WATER PROBLEM EDITORIAL Chicago seems no nearer a solution of its water problem than it was three years ago, and it will be singing the same old song when three years more have rolled around, unless it takes the project out of the hands of scheming politicians who are determined to rule or ruin. What seems to be the most torturing thorn in the side of the .Chicago public is the water meter, because, as they contend, “it costs so much.” Did the people of that city ever slop to ask what makes the meter “cost so much”? Did they ever hear that it is impossible to install a meterage system in a big city without “seeing” every politician of grafting propensities?—and that is the only kind that are in vogue. If a meter manufacturer must divide his revenue with the politician, someone must pay the difference,…

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