Further Plans for the I. A. F. E. Convention

Issue 8 and Volume 54.

Further Plans for the I. A. F. E. Convention GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES At a meeting of the general committee having in charge the program for the annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers to be held in this city in September, last Friday, it was decided to add to the attractions of Wednesday by giving an exhibition of New York’s marine fire fighting department. This will take place off the Battery at 10 a. m., Wednesday, September 3. The parade will assemble at 1 p m. on Friday at Fifty-seventh street and Filth avenue, and will start at 2 o’clock sharp. It has been decided to admit all members of the uniformed department of New York City to the Grand Central Palace free during the convention. Robert H. Mainzer, chairman of the finance committee, has received a check from John D. Rockefeller for the convention. “The Two Platoon”…

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