Kesler May Go to Sacramento

Issue 8 and Volume 54.

Kesler May Go to Sacramento GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES Former Fire Chief Kesler, of Oklahoma City, has been tendered the position of chief of the fire department of the city of Sacramento, Cal., according to a telegram received by him last week. Kesler said he had not applied for the position and that the offer was unsolicited. The telegram reads as follows: “Chief Oklahoma City Fire Department: “Understand you are desirous of making change of location and would come to California. If such is the case, write me on receipt of this, as there is an opportunity here for the right man.” (Signed) J. J. McDonald. Sec. Jobbers’ Ass’n of Sacramento. “I suppose the telegram refers to the chiefship,” said Kesler, “but I will not leave Oklahoma Gty while the boys are in trouble. They have stood by me and I will stand by them and see them through the best…

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