Changes in the Buffalo Department

Issue 8 and Volume 54.

Changes in the Buffalo Department GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES The fire commissioners of Buffalo, N. Y., have appointed two new battalion chiefs. They are John P. Morrissey, for many years captain of engine No. 19 in Forest avenue, and Charles F. Besancon, captain of engine No. 1, in South Division street, for 15 years. Battalion Chief Jacob Petzing, after 36 years’ service as a firefighter, was superannuated because of physical disability. Both Morrissey and Besancon were taken from the top of the eligible list, having earned their promotion by years of hard work. Heretofore, there have been eight battalion chiefs. Recently the commissioners decided to re-division the city districts, and it was necessary to form a new district to be known as the ninth. One of the men promoted yesterday will be in charge. The retirement of Petzing and the promotion of new chiefs became effective on August 15.

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