Tenants Decide as to Fire Limits

Issue 8 and Volume 54.

Tenants Decide as to Fire Limits GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES William Atkinson, the well known Boston architect, is advancing a plan which he believes will go far toward solving the problem of extending the fire limits of that city—a problem which is now confronting the fire department and fire underwriters. The question of the extension of the fire limits has been under consideration by the city council for a long time, but no action has been taken, with the result that Boston is behind other cities of its kind in this respect. Mr. Atkinson’s plan is to divide the city into districts—a district being in each case a city block, and to have the tenants in each block decide by vote whether the fire limits shall be extended to that block or not. When once the tenants have voted for the extension, the block cannot be removed from the fire limits.…

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