Issue 11 and Volume 54.

SECOND DAY—AFTERNOON SESSION President Magee: When we took a recess we had just concluded the reading ot the three papers under topic No. 2. The subject is now open for discussion. Discussion F. M. Griswold, of the National Fire Protection Association, New York; Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Association: I have been a very interested listener to the three papers which were delivered this morning in relation to arson and incendiarism, and would like to premise what little f have to say with this information: I have been 48 years in the insurance business, and 40 years of that time I have devoted almost exclusively to fire prevention—largely and longly antedating any effort of this association or of any association of fire underwriters. And in that effort I have sought to study what were the hazards in the process and what were the hazards in the operation, and have…

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