Posters Warn Against Forest Fires

Issue 11 and Volume 54.

Posters Warn Against Forest Fires A forest fire poster has been issued by the Department of Forestry of the State of Pennsylvania and will be distributed throughout the forested regions of the State. The poster, in large letters, characterizes forest fires as the curse of the people of Pennsylvania, for they destroy existing forests, the possibility of future forests, of labor, natural beauty, comfort, houses and frequently lives and prosperity. Protected forests, on the other hand, the poster points out, furnish labor, promote industry, afford recreation and sport, add to the beauty of a region and add to the contentment and comfort of life. In a letter which Forest Commissioner Conklin has sent out he says: “Forest fires, in most cases, result from the carelessness or indifference of someone. A burning match, a cigar or cigarette or pipe ashes may be heedlessly dropped along the edge of a road or…

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