Issue 11 and Volume 54.

IMPORTANT DECISION BY U. S. COURT The recent decision by the Circuit Court of the United States, middle district of Pennsylvania, in the test case between the New York Continental Jewell Filtration Company against the city of Harrisburg, in which the former charges the latter with infringing two of its patents in the operation of that city’s municipal filtration plant, is one of widespread importance. After reviewing at length the process and functions of sand filtration, Judge Buffington rules: “The practical outcome of Jewell’s process has been to create in sand filtration, a new, distinctly recognized and differential type of plant known as the down-draft or negative head filter. It is bottomed on a designedly created vacuum, which in the words of the extracts quoted results from ‘an off-carrying pipe vertically arranged and of such length that as the filtered water is carried off by said pipe, a partial vacuum…

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