The Hankow Filter Beds and Water Works

Issue 12 and Volume 54.

The Hankow Filter Beds and Water Works GENERAL DEPARTMENT NEWS The accompanying illustrations and drawings show the construction of the filter beds and the equipment of the Hankow water works of China. It is of interest to note that the Hankow Water Works and Electric Light Company is purely a native undertaking. The first steps in the direction of a good water supply were taken when His Excellency Chang-Ching-Tung, Viceroy of the Provinces of Hunan and Hupeh, had Engineer St. George Moore report on the possibility of securing water for Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang. It was found that there was abundance of water, as the three cities are situated on the Yangtse River, at a point where the Han River debouches into it. This point is some 600 miles from the mouth of the Yangtse, and it has there a width of 4,800 feet and a depth varying from 40…

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