The Water Thief in Spokane

Issue 12 and Volume 54.

The Water Thief in Spokane Chief Water Inspector Henry Fair, of Spokane, has foiled another trick of the man who cheats on water rental. He has put into effect a rule that when others than authorized persons turn on water where the city turned it off the property will not be considered to have been vacant at all and the water tolls to the amount of the flat rate since it was turned off will be charged. “You would be surprised at the number of persons who get the city to turn the water off and then either turn it on themselves or have a plumber to do it and thereby save the water rent,” said Inspector Fair. “We had 1,198 turn-on and turn-off orders last month. Our inspectors often find places where our records show that water is turned off, but where the water is being used. One can…

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