Election of Officers

Issue 12 and Volume 54.

Election of Officers President Magee—Gentlemen of the convention, the next order of business is election of officers. What is your pleasure? Chief Knofflock, of Mansfield, O.—Mr. President and gentlemen of the association: it affords me great pleasure, and also it is a prece dent that has been established by your association, to place in nomination for the office of president for the ensuing year one of the best men who ever belonged to this body, and he is 21 years chief to-day. He was appointed 21 years ago to-day chief of the fire department of a southern city, and has honored his city with that position up to the-present and will continue to do so indefinitely. I do not want to detain you further, therefore I place in nomination before this body of representatives of the greatest and most dangerous occupation in the world Thomas W. Haney, of Jacksonville. Fla.…

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