Average Cost of Water Works Properties

Issue 12 and Volume 54.

Average Cost of Water Works Properties GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES Average population. 19,800.00 Average miles of pipe. 42.00 Average tons of C. T. pipe per 1,000 population 220.00 Average value $500,000.00 Average cost per capita 25.10 Average cost per mile of pipe. 11,750.00 A comparison of the two tables given above will readily indicate why such published data frequently are of but little value to the engineer for comparative purposes and it is to be regretted that there is not more uniformity among engineers in the manner of presenting such data. In the preceding discussion it has been the endeavor to indicate a few of the problems which confront the engineer in making appraisements of water works properties either for purchase or rate making purposes. One account of the difficulties and extent of the work, such appraisements are necessarily somewhat expensive to the utility and moreover they may result in the…

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