Cleveland’s New High Pressure System

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Cleveland’s New High Pressure System The new high pressure pumping station at Cleveland, O., now nearly completed, will be entirely fireproof, inside and out. Even the desk in the operator’s room is metal, everything proof against flames save the wooden chairs. But to further insure the building from possible fires in the vicinity, the building is protected on all four sides by a “fire curtain.” The plant is equipped with four centrifugal pumps, with floor space for two more. These pumps are electrically driven and have a capacity of 2,500 gallons per minute each, the whole plant having a producing capacity of 10,000 gallons per minute; but the pumps have under test produced 16,000 gallons under a 300-pound pressure. All water is metered into the station and metered out, the Venturi meter system (all gauges regulated by mercury) having been installed at a cost of $25,000. These meters show both…

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