Galveston’s Water Plant

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Galveston’s Water Plant With a population of 40,000, Galveston, I ex., consumes daily 4,500,000 gallons of water. To meet this demand the water works department is installing a new system of air pumps at the Alta Loma plant that will bring the supply up to 8,000,000 gallons daily. Three of the Alta Loma wells have been equipped with new compressed air pumps. Three more are to be equipped by the contractor. Thereafter the city with its own workmen will equip by degrees the whole 30 wells, that send to Galveston one of the purest water supplies that is enjoyed by any city in the United States. Galveston goes far inland for water and bores deep for it after the point of supply is reached. The water that responds to the turn of a faucet on Galveston Island has been pumped from a point 800 feet beneath the surface of the…

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