Issue 13 and Volume 54.

TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL: Comment: Selecting Drivers for Fire Motors; The Fire Hazard of Skyscrapers; Steel Cars versus Wooden Cars; Quality of Water is Important 253 NEW ENGLAND W. W. ASSOCIATION: Water Waste in New York 254 Torrisdale Filter plant 255 Mortality Rates of Philadelphia 255 Active and Associate Members 256 Exhibits 257 GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES: Kansas Water Shortage. 257 Fire Insurance and Incendiarism. 258 Personals 262 Fire on Steamship Imperator. 263 Fond du Lac Water Report. 263 Chief Swingley on High Pressure. 263 Delayed Alarm Causes Big Fire. 263 Jersey City Opposes Fire Department Inquiry. 264 Chief Yates Discusses Two Platoon. 264 North Carolina Fire Record. 264 Chief Haney Honored by Jacksonville. 264 Cleveland’s High Pressure System. 264 GENERAL DEPARTMENT NEWS: Motor Fire Apparatus. 265 Fire Department Doings. 266 Water Works News Items. 267 Meterage and Filtration. 268 Recent Patents . 268

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