Issue 13 and Volume 54.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS GENERAL DEPARTMENT NEWS Bryan, Tex., recently received a motor chemical engine. The Clarksville, Tenn., city council has voted to purchase a motor ladder truck. A motor hose wagon has been added to the equipment of engine house No. 1, Cleveland, O. The taxpayers in Sterling, Ill., are jubilant over the successful test of their new motor fire truck. The auto truck of the fire department, Norristown, Pa., has been equipped with the Kanawha chemical system. A motor truck has been purchased for the central fire station, at Findlay, O., on which will be mounted a large chemical engine. Freeport, Ill., received a motor aerial truck last week and will receive the first of its combination trucks the coming week. The company has just received another 85-foot aerial truck from the New York fire department to be equipped with a “Christie Tractor.” The American-La France Company has just…

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