Gravity Water System at Winnipeg

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Gravity Water System at Winnipeg Rudolph Herring and James Fuertes, of New York, and Frederick P. Stearns, of Boston, engineers who have been investigating the proposed gravity water supply for Winnipeg, Man., have rendered favorable reports. The project involves bringing water from Shoal Lake, 95 miles, at an estimated cost of a little over $13,000,000. The Winnipeg city council unanimously voted the necessary aporopriation for the project on September 8, and referred it for indorsement by the voters on October 1. It is expected that the project will be ratified. If so, surveys and plans will be made at once, and contracts will probably be let during the coming winter. T. R. Deacon, mayor of Winnipeg, says that September, October and November are the best months of the year to examine the pipe-line route, and therefore it would be well for prospective bidders to improve the opportunity instead of waiting…

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