Water Supply for Watervliet

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Water Supply for Watervliet The citv officials of Watervliet, N. Y., have at last, as they believe, discovered a place where a good supply of water can be obtained. The place is known as Felt Mills, located about 12 miles southwest of Watervliet, near Normankill. Recently many city officials visited the site where the proposed supply can be obtained and were favorably impressed with the surroundings pointed out to them by City Engineer Kies. It was learned that a supply of over 1,900,000 gallons can be obtained daily and that over 500,000 gallons can be pumped into the Watervliet mains each day. The cost of the new water works is estimated at $205,000. The water that flows from the hilltops at the place stated is pure, so it is said. Plans for the new system.will be submitted to the taxpayers at an early date.

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