Issue 13 and Volume 54.

METERAGE GENERAL DEPARTMENT NEWS Chcrryvale, Kan., has adopted the m terage system and is installing meters rapidly. Paul Hannagan, superintendent of water works, Lawrence, Mass., has recommended every householder to install meters. Ligonier, Ind., does not believe that its citizens are paying the city in full for the water they are using, and the meter system, which has been in effect to a limited extent, will probably be extended to apply to all consumers. Raleigh, N. C., is waking up on the meter question and the attention of citizens has been called to the fact that Charlotte, which has some 12,000 more people than Raleigh, is installing meters on all taps and consumes only as muen water as Kaleigh. Under the old water contract at San Antonio, Tex., no provision was made for meter rent, but the company has been charging 25 cents a month. The new contract now under…

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