Fire in the Hold of the World’s Greatest Steamship

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Fire in the Hold of the World’s Greatest Steamship GENERAL NEWS ARTICLES The world’s biggest and most luxurious steamship tasted a little of the ill fortune that has been falling on the giant ships recently, when on Thursday morning, Aug. 29, a fire was discovered in the provision compartment as she lay at the Hoboken dock, where she had arrived the previous evening. As the fire was in the extreme inner depth of the liner it was a stubborn one to subdue. To reach it the fire fighters had to descend through many decks and to a point almost level with the water line. The burning stores made a vast quantity of stifling smoke, and this added to the difficulty of combatting the blaze. But, despite these handicaps, the fire was under control by 8 o’clock, and by noon the last smouldering heap of burned provisions was beyond further damage.…

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