Water Famine in North Jersey

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Water Famine in North Jersey Despite the rains of late, the water situation confronting the residents of Butler and Bloomington, N. J., still continues serious. While most of the residents were able to obtain a limited supply of water, this soon stopped for those on the highlands, while for those in the lower parts of the towns the supply was quickly reduced to a dangerous minimum. Mayor Wittack, of Butler, last week confessed that he did not know what could he done to increase the water supply. failing a continued rain which would flood the reservoirs. He said he is appreciative of the danger that exists through the possibilty of fire, and said he and other residents are hoping nothing will happen until the water supply has been brough back to its normal state. “If a fire breaks out. practically all we could do would be to stand and watch…

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