Issue 13 and Volume 54.

OPERATION OF TORRESDALE FILTER PLANT The Torresdale filter plant at Philadelphia receives water from the Delaware River and was placed in operation July 4, 1907. The main plant, as originally built, consisted of 65 3/4-acre, slowsand beds, containing from 26 to 36 inches of sand of an effective size ranging from 0.25 to 0.35 mm. and a uniformity coefficient of 2. There are 120 preliminary filter units of the mechanical type which operate without the use of a coagulant. These preliminary filters have removed over 60 per cent. of the dirt in the raw water and have made it possible to double the output of the slow-sand filters, increasing the capacity from 110,000,000 gallons daily to 210,000,000 gallons daily. With pre-filtered water it has been possible to operate the slow-sand beds at a rate of 6,000,000 gallons per acre daily, instead of 3,000,000 per acre daily. The lengths of run…

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