Relation of Fire Insurance to Incendiarism*

Issue 13 and Volume 54.

Relation of Fire Insurance to Incendiarism* Up to the great fire in London in 1666 there appears but little evidence of anything in the nature of organized fire departments or provision for the extinguishment of fires. After tnat calamity the first associated endeavor seems to have been along the line of indemnity for loss, not protection against fire; subsequently those who associated into companies to provide insurance took the further step of putting upon their pay rolls bodies of men bearing their distinctive uniform to run with buckets and with the crude machines which soon began to appear, such efforts being primarily to protect the interests of those covered by insurance, but by no means wholly so. One hundred years ago the city of London possessed a considerable number of such paid firemen in the service of the fire insurance companies, who were the main reliance for the protection of…

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