Niagara Falls Water Plant Suit

Issue 16 and Volume 54.

Niagara Falls Water Plant Suit After examining W. J. Callahan, superintendent of the municipal water plant of Niagara balls, N. Y., and James Macbeth, superintendent of the Western New York Water Company, the referee in the Laverock case, on September 19, adjourned it to October 7. The case is the first of a series of six to be brought against the board of water commissioners. Mrs. Florence Laverock, as a taxpayer, seeks to have the water commissioners return to the city about $30,000 expended in making free connections when the water board paralleled the mains of the private company at the south end of the city two years ago. That municipally owned water works systems sometimes place a greater burden upon the taxpayer than under private ownership is recognized in an opinion of the Iowa supreme court handed down last week. The case is that of W. J. Sloan brought…

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