Issue 16 and Volume 54.

TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITORIAL: Comment: The Gjving of Medals to Firemen; Light Fines for Locking Factory Doors; Fire Prevention Day; Fraudulent Radioactive Mineral Water 305 GENERAL FEATURE ARTICLES: Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus; Its Construction and care. (By Victor W. Page, M.E.). 306 Cause and Danger of Fire in Public Schools. 309 Natchez Firemen Praised, (Illustrated). 310 Los Angeles Fire Department Report. 310 St Louis Water Department Report. 310 Boston Protective Company. 310 The Water Meter at Vancouver. 310 Public Refuse Destruction a Municipal Asset, Not a Liability. (By Joseph B. Rider, C.E.). 311 Rigid Discipline in San Antonio Department. 313 Personals . 313 Fire Prevention as Essential as Fire Fighting. 314 National Fire Prevention Congress. 315 Death of Chief Morrison, of Watertown. 315 DEPARTMENT NEWS: Fire Department Doings. 318 Water Works News Items. 319 Meterage and Filtration. 320 Progress of New York Water System. 320 Pumping Engine Notes… 320 Melbourne Fire…

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