Issue 16 and Volume 54.

FILTRATION DEPARTMENT NEWS Camden, S. C., is to erect a new filtration plant. Ames, Ia., will complete its new filtering plant by Nov. 1. Dr. C. E. Ford, of the Cleveland board of health, in his annual report recommended the immediate installation of a filtration plant for the water system. Evansville, Ind., pumped and filtered 335,000,000 gallons of water last month at an average cost for plumbing of $17.48 per 1,000,000 gallons. The filtration cost $6.71 per 1,000,000 gallons. Grand Rapids, Mich., with a modern filtration plant to protect its water supply is destined to see most of the other cities of Michigan come to this means for guarding the health of their citizens. “In my opinion it will be cheaper for Detroit to furnish filtered” water, free ot charge, to all the people living along the shores, on both sides of the Detroit River, from Grosse Pointe to Lake…

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