Issue 16 and Volume 54.

FRAUDULENT RADIOACTIVE MINERAL WATER EDITORIAL It looks as though the concerns which are endeavoring to induce the public to adopt for drinking purposes certain mineral water, which they claim possess radioactivity, will be thwarted in their fraudulent purpose. The United States Government through its Department of Chemistry has been delving into the merits of these waters and has ascertained enough facts to warrant the issuing of a warning against their use. The investigation is not ended, and before it is doubtless prosecutions will be started against the concerns for misbranding their products. The waters, in some cases, are taken from springs the waters of which as they come from the ground do possess certain radioactive properties, but whatever radioactivity they possess at the spring is due almost entirely to radium emanation rather than to the presence in the water of any substance possessing radioactivity. These emanations in the form of…

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