Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus—Its Construction, Operation and Care

Issue 16 and Volume 54.

Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus Its Construction, Operation and Care* GENERAL FEATURE ARTICLES A Series of Brief, Non-Technical Expositions Defining Various Types of Automobiles Employed in Fire Department Service, Explaining Principles of Design, Outlining Main Parts of the Mechanism and Their Functions, and Describing Typical Examples from Standard American and European Practice Part One* Coincident with the rapidly augmentihg use of motor-propelled lire apparatus in even the smallest of our cities and towns comes an increasing demand for information relating to the construction, driving and care of this latest form of fire lighting machine. Much literature has been published on motoring in general, but this does not give the definite information needed, nor does it relate specifically to automobile intended for fire department use. The purpose of the. writer will be to endeavor to present this information in a concise, easily understood form, so the parts to follow will cover all phases…

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