Strength of Melbourne Fire Brigade

Issue 16 and Volume 54.

Strength of Melbourne Fire Brigade DEPARTMENT NEWS The strength of the fire brigade of Melbourne. Australia, on December 31. 1912, was as follows: 50 stations 230 permanent employes, including all ranks. 27 special service firemen, 152 partially paid firemen, 10 steam fire engines, 5 gasoline engines. 1 chemical engine and hose wagon combined, 1 patrol motor chemical engine and hose wagon combined. 2 patrol motor fire engines, 1 patrol motor combination appliance, 1 patrol motor salvage van, 1 motor cycle (electrical department), 1 patrol motor hose wagon, 1 chief officer’s motor car. 40 horse hose reels, 41 hand hose reels, 8 extension ladders and fire escapes. 6 Pompier ladders. 12 exercise and supply carts. 1 salvage van. 1 brake, 76 horses, 105,391 feet of hose. 46 hand pumps, 3 smoke helmets. 2 smoke jackets. The brigade now has 220 fire alarm circuits with 776 street fire alarms, 694 of which…

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