Cambridge Water Report

Issue 18 and Volume 54.

Cambridge Water Report The Forty-eighth annual report of the Cambridge, Mass., water board, shows that the cost of maintenance during the past year was $191,395.69, and the income from water rates $385,475.71, leaving a balance of $194,080.02. The construction account was $59,831.88, and the maintenance account $116,245.74. The total amount of water consumed during the year was 3,827,528,600 gallons. The average daily consumption was 10,486,380 gallons, a decrease of 82,000 gallons daily over the preceeding year All meters arc installed at the city’s expense and 5,045 meters of all patterns and sizes are in service, 347 of that number being put in last year. The system was established in 1855 and purchased by the city in 1865. Up to the close of last year its cost was $6,596,816.93. The net water debt is now $1,349,321.44.

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