Factory Owners Fined

Issue 21 and Volume 54.

Factory Owners Fined The Hill Button Company, with a plant at 110 West Fourteenth street, New York, was the first victim of Fire Commissioner Johnson’s crusade against the celluloid button manufacturers whose factories are in buildings not wholly fireproof. The company pleaded guilty to a charge of maintaining a public nuisance before Special Sessions Justices O’Keefe, Russell and Wilkin in Part V. recently. A fine of $100 was imposed. On a second charge of disobeying an order from the fire department sentence was suspended. Inspector Charles Hyde visited the Hill company’s works on Sept. 13 last. He found about 150 pounds of celluloid which was not safely stored. An inspection of the building revealed an insufficient amount of fire sprinklers. The concern was given a chance to comply with the law, but failed to do so.

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