Toronto Fire Department Investigation

Issue 21 and Volume 54.

Toronto Fire Department Investigation Toronto, Can., during the last few months has had a number of unusually large fires, with the criticism of the fire department such as usually follow a series of large fires anywhere. At the instigation of an alderman, who made specific charges against the efficiency of the department, Judge Denton was authorized to make a complete investigation of the management of the department at fires. This was completed last week, and in his report to the city council Judge Denton mentions the following deficiencies: No correspondence filing system. No maps of water mains ami hydrants at the fireballs for the guidance of the firemen. No record of the fire-boxes that each firenall shall respond to. Chief Thompson keeps no record of new buildings, or of buildings that are dangerous. Only verbal reports on probationers are given. District chiefs have never heard of section reports, al though…

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