Special Water Mains Suggested for Domestic Purposes

Issue 21 and Volume 54.

Special Water Mains Suggested for Domestic Purposes Dr. J. M. Conley, of Oshkosh, Wis., recently read the following paper before the Candlelight Club of that city on the benefit of purifying water: “If a city could have two sets of water mains,” said Dr. Conley, “one for the use of manufacturing plants, sprinkling systems and fire protection and one for drinking and household use, the problem would be very simple. For the production of a pure water in small quantities would not be difficult and the demand would vary so slightly each day that the supply could always be kept clean. Each individual drinks in one year nearly one ton of water, but when we consider that it takes one hundred times or more the amount of water to raise the vegetables we eat and to water the stock necessary to produce the meat requisite for our upkeep (with apologies…

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