Fall River Commissioners Suspended

Issue 21 and Volume 54.

Fall River Commissioners Suspended D. F. Corrigan, chairman, and Alphonse Legendre, his associate, as a majority of the fire commission of Fall River, Mass., were suspended November 14 by Mayor Kay. He accused them of engaging private council after he had ordered the city solicitor not to act for the board, and failing to show proper respect for his wishes in proceeding to prefer charges against Chief W. C. Davol after receiving an order to do nothing involving the tenure of the chief until the executive had received a copy of the reasons for demanding the resignation. The deposed commissioners held that under the charter they were within their rights in managing the fire department when they notified Chief Davol in spite of the mayoral inhibition that he would be tried later. Tn an address before the city council of Waukesha, Wis., recently, a representative of the State fire marshal’s…

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