Issue 21 and Volume 54.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Hawthorn, N. J., will buy a second motor pumping engine. Carthage, Mo, will probably order motor fire apparatus soon. Manitowoc, Wis., has appropriated $6,000 for motor apparatus. Womble, Ark., by a unanimous vote has decided to have a water system. Providence, R. I., has placed two more pieces of motor apparatus in service. Brockton, Mass., has a $’20,000 loan, and some motor apparatus will be purchased. Raritan, N. J., will probably order motor apparatus soon for its volunteer firemen. Washington Court House, O., will advertise for bids for furnishing motor apparatus. Washington Kngine Company, of Wilmington, Del., will procure a tractor for its engine. Martin’s Ferry, O., expects to receive an Ahrens-Fox motor engine the coming week. Two villages in the town of Winthrop, Mass., are asking for motor combination apparatus. North Leominster, Mass., will vote on the purchase of motor apparatus at its coming town meeting.…

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