Issue 21 and Volume 54.

FILTRATION A new filtration plant at Centerville, Ia., is almost completed. The Pennsylvania Railroad will install a filtration plant at Wheeling, W. Va. Experts are to inspect the filter plant at Evansville, Ind., before final payment is made. San Diego, Cal., by a vote of 2,014 to 4,731, has defeated a $60,000 proposition for a filtering plant. The city council of Saginaw, Mich., has requested the water board to make an estimate of the cost of the proposed pumping station and filtration plant, the several propositions cited in the report of the charter amendment committee to be considered. Jackson, Miss., will soon hold an election to pass an ordinance authorizing the city attorney to institute eminent domain proceedings to acquire additional land for the filtraton plant, and to provide for an inspector for the water works construction. The filtration plant at New Milford, N. J., built by the Hackensack Water…

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