Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus—Its Construction, Operation and Care

Issue 22 and Volume 54.

Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus—Its Construction, Operation and Care GENERAL NEWS FEATURES A Series of Brief, Non-Technical Expositions Defining Various Types of Automobiles Employed in Fire Department Service, Explaining Principles of Design, Outlining Main Parts of the Mechanism and Their Functions, and Describing Typical Examples from Standard American and European Practice PART THREE* While the light type chassis designed for fire department service follows in general construction the conventional design that has been so successfully applied to pleasure and commercial car service the heavy chasses for the most part have been designed especially for the work and differ in several respects from the usual forms of automobiles. The plan view at Fig. 8 depicts clearly the important components of the Waterous motor driven fire engine chassis, and as all parts are clearly indicated, the reader should have no difficulty in understanding the arrangement of the various members relative to each other. In…

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