Des Moines Mayor on Water Supply

Issue 22 and Volume 54.

Des Moines Mayor on Water Supply Mayor Hanna, of Des Moines, Ia., is working on a plan which he will propose to the city council for the readjustment of charges for water service it the city takes possession of the plant next year, He believes that the city should either cut in two or abolish entirely the charge being made for the use of meters to measure the water to consumers. He thinks that the minimum rate for small homes should be cut from $6 to $4 per year, so as to encourage the extension of the service. “There are many things which the people of Des Moines should know about the operation of water plants,” said Mayor Hanna. “We will try to get this information before all of the people before next spring, there will be some immediate benetits to the people through municipal ownership. Personally, 1 prefer that…

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