Philadelphia and the Meterage Question

Issue 24 and Volume 54.

Philadelphia and the Meterage Question GENERAL NEWS FEATURES The Philadelphia Public Ledger of December 3 contained the following editorial comment on the subject of meters in that city: “Philadelphia’s filtration system has nearly reached the margin of safety between available supply and consumption. City councils must now determine what shall be done to protect the city from the possibility of a water famine. There are indications, however, that some members of councils are disposed to cloud the issue by an uninformed discussion of the meter question. For many years our consumption of water has been excessive, and engineering experts have been unanimous in urging a measured service as the only certain remedy for an extravagant outlay for maintenance and unnecessary expenditures for additional water supply. It has been repeatedly shown that the filtration system would he ample to meet this city’s needs for a number of years, provided the per…

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