Water Softening Appliances

Issue 24 and Volume 54.

Water Softening Appliances GENERAL NEWS FEATURES In most parts of the United States hard water is well-known as the only kind of water directly available. The householder has to struggle with this inconvenient substitute for pure water as best he can, but the engineer regards it as the bane of his existence, causing his boilers to be coated with scale, increasing his coal bills, reducing the capacity of his power plant, and shortening the life of his boiler equipment. A steam boiler is, primarily, a machine for generating steam by the application of heat to water. If there was nothing but pure water delivered to the boiler the conversion of the liquid into the gaseous state would leave the interior of the boiler in the same condition in which it was originally made. If, however, as is usually the case, the water introduced into the boiler contains solid matter in…

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