Gasoline Fires in Indiana

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Gasoline Fires in Indiana More than 175 fires have occurred in Indiana within the past six months as a result of gasoline explosions, according to reports on fires from this source received at the State fire marshal’s office. Of that number, 125 occurred in dwelling houses, and were caused directly by the gasoline stove. An additional 50 were reported as resulting from gasoline explosions in garages, tailoring shops and places other than dwellings. “In addition to the serious loss to property caused by the many fires from gasoline, said the fire marshal, “there is an even greater loss to life and health. While statistics lor the present year have not yet been compiled, according to the Board of Health there were more than 202 deaths in Indiana as a result of burns in 1911. You can be sure that a large proportion of that number came from the careless use…

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