Issue 26 and Volume 54.

FILTRATION Two-thirds of the water pumped into the mains in Champaign, Ill., is filtered. The New York assembly has legalized the $40,000 filtration plant for Geneva. Ground was broken at Waterloo, N. J., on December 10 for the filtration plant of the Waterloo Water Company. Engineer C. C. Smith, who has made a thorough study of the filtration system of Wheeling, W. Va., is to deliver public lectures on the system. The joint special water commission of Salem and Beverly, Mass., will discuss with the State board of health filtration for the new water system to be constructed. Brentwood, Tex., has closed a contract with a Texas manufacturing concern for a chemical water filtering plant of a million-gallon per day capacity. The contract stipulates that the purchase price is to be $9,000 for the completed plant; that the water may be purified at a cost of from $2 to $4…

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