Brooklyn Fire Horse Killed

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Brooklyn Fire Horse Killed The killing of a fire horse that was running wild in the most crowded section of the Brooklyn shopping district a short time ago undoubtedly saved the lives of many women and children. The accident took place at Graham avenue and Broadway, where there are several large stores. Engine 230 was dashing toward a fire. Its three big grays were being driven at breakneck speed by Fireman Frank Harrison. As the apparatus swung into Broadway from Flushing avenue, the driver noticed that the bit had dropped from the center horse. The horse bolted, dragging the others to the eastern side of Graham avenue, where hundreds of women and children were passing in and out of a big department store. Harrison headed the horses straight for a trolley pole. The middle horse struck with its forehead and fell. Agent Namm, of the S. P. C. A., shot…

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