Recent Patents

Issue 26 and Volume 54.

Recent Patents 1,079,569. Sewage disposal. Lynn T. Leet, Reading, Pa., assignor to Water & Sewage Purification Co., New York, N. Y. 1,079,667 Electric fire-alarm system. Jos. G. Schlucht ner, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1,079,717. Hydrant and reel. George A. Owen, Hartford, and Geo. A. Bates. New Britain, Conn. 1,079,982. Non-freezing water-supply system. Paul Hardy. Walnut Springs, Tex., assignor of one-half to J. A. Edge, same place. 1,080,068. Automatic fire-extinguisher. Alphonse La Breche, Jefferson, S. Dak. 1,080,823. Automatic fire alarm. Lester J. Bryant and Jamie Case, Bradford, Pa. 1,080,354. Fire-alarm signal box. Walter J. Leveridge, Plainfield, N. J., assignor to Chas. W. Leveridge, New York, N. Y. 1,080,476. Fire escape. Deaderick I. Reed, Knoxville, Tenn. 1,080,480. Electric fire alarm. Frederick Ricords and tahlon Lewry, New York, N. Y., assignors of one-third to Samuel Shapiro, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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